Why solar farm?

Are you wondering if solar farm is the right choice for your home or business? We present key arguments that support investment in a solar system.


Solar energy is recognized as the most ecological and zero-emission in the entire energy mix.


The solar system in practice does not require any manual operation on the part of its owner.

net profit

Photovoltaics are not only a source of energy, but also savings. The electricity fed into the network reduces our bills.

Solar farms pay off

Solar farms without secrets


service life

The service life of solar panels is estimated to be between 25 and 30 years. This is a long enough period for the investment to pay back fully.

Your energetic


Users of solar systems are less dependent on rising world electricity prices.



Photovoltaic systems are described as low-failure. Thanks to this, the benefits of their benefits are uninterrupted and the benefits are high.



The government program “Energy Plus” allows you to reduce the costs associated with investing in solar farms. The subsidy in this program can reach up to 50% of eligible expenses, but there is also an upper limit of PLN 5,000. Although in practice it means that the subsidy will cover less than half of all costs, it is still worth reaching for available funds. As a result, the payback time for investments in solar farms can be shorter by up to several years. The total pool of funds is PLN 1 billion.

Solution almost

for anyone

Contrary to popular belief, solar systems work not only on sunny, but also on cloudy days. Capricious weather in Poland is not an obstacle to successfully reap the benefits of investing in solar farms. Of course, the level of sunshine translates into the amount of profits from solar farms.

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